Black Hole  
Have you ever thought what would happen if man artificially creates a black hole ? If one country drops a blackhole bomb in a town of another country during the 23rd century, immediately the light in the whole town will disappear. Sun will be shining bright, but the town will be in complete darkness. Even though the light sources are working, they will not be emitting light. Because of the low temperature generated with the blackhole bomb, men on the street will turn to snow/ice. Some others will become snow/ice and fall down while walking. People who are sitting will become snow blocks wherever they are. The black hole which creates snow within the town for distances of kilometers , begin to spread snow smoke to surrounding places.

After some time, because of the low pressure created by the black hole bomb, intense rainfall will occur. Raindrops will fall as snow showers.

After one month of snowfall, a snow mountain will be created within the town. After 3 months, snow begins to melt and all the snow covered buildings will be shattered to pieces. When the black hole bomb is dropped, no body will feel the gravitational attraction due to black hole, but will feel the attraction due to earth gravity. If you feel that fire is something which can burn down everything, you are wrong. This is a fire which can freeze everything within seconds. When black hole was artificially created , do you know where will the energy released in the process disappear?
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