Neutral energy exhoust tuning is the reason for the whitehole phenomenon example : stars, atom bomb, hydrogen bomb, self light producers, when telling self light production i don‘t mean by chemical energy. NeutraI energy inhale tuning is the reason for the blackhole phenomenon neutral energy cannot be experience by sense organs. You need not to amaze about the unstoppable energy source of the sky because, the same energy is cycling.

99 of energy in the universe is in natham form, it is called natha brahmam. In that just 3% is only sensable natham. Natham is exists in micro form to macro form. What will you say when you listening me sound of flowing water, will you say it is sound energy or water is flowing, the water flowing is a sight, like that fire or agni is also a sight.

RELATIVITY OF REFRACTION When the light travels from a lower ether pressure to a higher ether pressure it becomes refracted.There is no pressure difference in vaccum, That means there is no a higher vaccum or lower vaccum.The foolish scientist will tell like this. A contridictor theory that states that there is no entiry called vaccum Instead there is a medium called either I can prove that these medium called instead of vaccum.

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