It is not possible to find the smallest particle by keep on dividing an object. This is because the smallest particle can still be divided into two. Still , there is a limit for this division by nature’s law. This limit is described in Masspith principle. Everyone knows that we cannot complete the counting process. In such a case, to what extent counting is possible ? There is a limit to it and this is a universal truth. This is why we say that mathematics ends before infinite.

The essence of this discussion is that even the smallest of the smallest particle in nature has a mass. There is no state without a mass. Mass is small or big is quite relative. When the mass of earth in relation to the total mass of the universe is very small, can we say that earth does not have a mass ? The notion that earth is a massless particle compared to universe is quite absurd. If you are not a fool, you will be able to follow me well.
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