Energy and matter of the universe  
97% of the universe consists of dark energy ie neutral energy. 1% of the energy is partially observed (partially dark). This energy is not perceptible through our senses, but can be detected with the help of sophisticated instruments. X ray, cosmic rays and gamma radiations belong to this category. In this universe only 2%of the energy can be detected by our sense organs. . Light and heat form a major portion of this energy. Even though universe converts 10% of the dark energy to perceptible form of energy, 7% of it is absorbed by dark matter such as black holes. Hence only less than 3%of the total available energy in the universe is detected by our sense organs. During the big bang, about 21 % of the available energy was in a form detectable by our sense organs. In this universe, dark matter is more than the ordinary matter. This is why the universe is cold. This is because of the fact that the sensory perceptible energy is also swallowed by dark matter. 97% of the dark energy is spread throughout the universe. This is tuned by heavenly bodies such as stars. Atomic and hydrogen bombs are neutral energy tuners. These neutral energy and black energy tuners create the energy cycle in the universe . Modern science does not have a clear idea regarding this cycle. 84% of the universe is covered with dark matter . Only the rest 16% of the matter can be sensed by our sense organs. Energy and matter are not the same. , they are separate entities. This fundamental concept has not been presented by modern science so far

Radiations from stars passing close to the sun get bent because of the gravitational force offered by sun.

Radiations from stars passing close to the sun get bent because of the gravitational force offered by sun. This theory was put forward to explain the shift in the position of the stars during solar eclipse. The scientists have also experimentally demonstrated the bending of radiations from the stars passing close to the sun during solar eclipse. I am at a loss to understand why the world has accepted such a blunder and misleading theory for the bending of radiations. I have an entirely different approach to explain this phenomenon. As per my theory, the atmosphere surrounding the sun is around 20 times its size because of the extremely high temperature of the sun. The bending of radiations occur only because of refraction of the radiations passing through this atmosphere and not because of gravitational force offered by sun. The gravitational force of sun just sustains the atmosphere surrounding it.

Jumping Method Of Artificial Satellite In Gravity Field

Ether density enhances due to gravity, this enables the artifical satelllite to jump ether density will be low in regions where the gravity is low and the fuel loss for the rocket will be larger because rocket needs a medium for its travel when its(ether) amount decreases , there will be fuel loss there is absolute vacuum nowhere in the universe ( outside the universe , between the partciles of the universe one may find vaccum . but this is a relative view) within an absolute vacuum no type of force can be exerted Earth is required for walking. air is required for flying. flying in the sky requires ether. within the universe, there is only a variation in the vacuum from one place to another. motion demands a medium. this is why the scientists have developed a method in which there is a jumping from one planet to another to save the fuel requireemnts of artifical satellites.
This is not based on any phylosophycal principles, but based on practical k nowledge what is its phylosophycal backing. in a region where the gravity force is high ether density will also be high. hence if the rocket exerts force in this region its gain will be more but in a region with high vacuum, the gain for the rocket will be low. if the rocket needs a brake, gravity field is necessary.
That is why, artificaial satellites are forced to jump when they travel from one planet to another Satellites can increase their speed by revolving around small planets and they need not revolve around bigger planets as they have a vast gravity field around them apart from this there must be alignment of the planets for the smooth travel of the satellites/rockets this century was favourable enough for this alignment of planets there can be more favourable planet alignmment than this.
It is lucky to have all these favourable conditions. In planet alignment, a large number of planets come along a stratight line. Under such conditions, it will be possible to develop rocket engines which can fly under high vacuum conditions. But, modern science is yet to develop such engines. High vacuum does not mean absolute vacuum. as an example, a propller based vehicle flies because of the presence of air and not because of gravity. but , air is retained because of Gravity likewise, jumping of the rocket/satellite is possible because of the ether density and for the sustainence of the ether density gravity is required.

Why the reduction in the thickness of the polar ozone? There is no answer in modern science Why is the decline in the thickness of the polar ozone the ozone depletion is a great event? ozone depletion? The thickness of the ozone hole mean that the of polar ozone. But i will not ignore it completly it is a trivial percentage of the entire ozone depletion the decline in the thickness of the ozone is due to the rotation of the Earth's poles. Because of the rotation speed ozone and Van Allen Belts flows in to the equator. With the rotation Earth is also in oval shape, As well as it is applicable to coming close to the ether form and the gaseous components. That gaseous state is Van Allen Belts. In 'Siddantha Siromani' book , Bhaskaracharya says that the Earth is having 12 coverings. And the 12th covering is poison . This 12th covering is Van Allen Belt. The dangerous radiation is reflected back at the Van Allen Belt or it becomes dead center. 12th and the next to it is poison. Then Earth is having two umbrellas ,one is ozone and the other is van Allen Belt.
Both these two umbrellas stops the dangerous radiation from the sun. The small radiation from the stars only effecting Earth's polar.
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