The New Sky  
The fact that there is an ether (sky) is an accepted idea from the Vedic period to the 19th century. Light bends in the direction of the revolution of ether. When light from the stars enters the solar system or when sunlight spreads in the solar system it bends in the form of a hurricane. Therefore in the solar system , sunlight must not be drawn straight, instead in the direction of revolution of ether. Hence we cannot measure the distance between sun and earth accurately using light as the standard. This is explained as follows.

Ether, which is all-pervading , surrounding the sun is revolving along with other planets. Light travels in a bent form through the revolving ether/sky and hence travels a greater distance and the intensity decreases with distance. Hence , if the exact distance between the earth and the sun has to be obtained one must take account of the angular velocity of ether. This necessitates the introduction of a new mathematical formulation.

Whichever may be the direction in which the light from stars enters the solar system, its amplitude decreases because of the revolution of the ether. But, the amplitude of light from a star falling on earth and that on Pluto will show a difference. Therefore the observed position of the stars, sun and other planets are not real.

If the difference in the light amplitude falling on different planets from a star has to be found, then it is only possible with the help of an artificial satellite. The exact instrumentation format to know ether is yet to be developed. Therefore space and time are absolute. The relativity theory was developed based on a misconception. Contact me for more details exepting for your immediate opinion.
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