Received your e-mail and thank you for the same. I would like to bring your attention to the following upto 1930 modern science was rooted in the belief that nothing can fly through a region without air or a medium. This belief was uprooted by the scientist who discovered rocket engine. Still nobody has tried to find out the truth behind the requirement of medium for motion.development of media such as electromagnetic field and higgs field were attempts in this direction. These fields were accepted by the scientific community by negating michelson morley experiment. The results of michelson morley experiment are applicable in the case of both these fields . In one case the existence of medium is essential and in the other case it is not so. Have you thought why this is so? Glass is transparent because the light medium is dissoved in glass and not because light penetrates into a glass. No radiation in the universe can penetrate into a glass medium . My classical theory says that the idea of penetration of glass by a radiation is itself absurd. If you are interested, i can send you further details
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