When the earth rotates near the equator it moves with a speed of 400 m/second. During this rotation, why the atmospheric wind is not felt by the earth? The reason for this is known to many of you. But, this is not the way the earlier generation thought about it. They arrived at a conclusion based on some false theoretical grounds. The conclusion was that either there is no air surrounding the earth or the earth does not rotate. But, as the existence of the air can be felt by sensory perception, they accepted the presence of air surrounding the earth. Hence they finally came to the wrong conclusion that earth does not rotate and the sun, moon and other stars revolve round the earth. Perhaps this may be the reason for the establishment of the wrong notion that the earth does not rotate. This mistake was repeated by the present generation in another form. This is the famous Michelson Morley experiment. The fact that the influence of ether is not felt in the rotation of the earth is due to the gravity of the sun was not taken into account by Michelson and Morley. So their thoughts were driven in some other direction. They could not have assumed that the earth is not rotating as the truth regarding the rotation of the earth was well established and widely accepted. As the senses cannot perceive ether, the concept of ether was negated by them. The theories of Einstein also gave strength to their conclusions and prolonged its acceptance to about 100 years. The mere fact that the theory was accepted for about 100 years is not a valid reason for its acceptance as the ultimate truth. The ultimate truth will surface with more strength at one time or the other.
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